OUR MISSION is to provide a comfortable, soothing, and clean atmosphere for people of all levels to grow and transform through the regular practice of Yoga. We strive to support and encourage our students with compassion and humor. And finally, to demonstrate that with steadfast honest hard work of a consistent Yoga practice, unification of the body, mind and spirit will manifest perfect health.

We strive to build an exquisite place of refuge where our students can dedicate time for themselves and discover their limitless potential. A place that challenges the mind, heals the body, and strengthens one's spirit.

We are committed to create a beautiful, safe, nurturing environment where all people are honored and inspired to practice yoga "on" and "off" the mat.

We promise to celebrate, grow, love, and laugh together as a community.



SunMoon Yoga

413 monmouth street | jersey city, nj | 07302 | 201-963-7999


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Introducing Infrared radiant heat for our hot classes!  After much research, we are trying out a more environmentally friendly heating system for our hot yoga. The new system will be cleaner, quieter, and more efficient. Infrared heat works by heating your body and not the air.  Because it is absorbed into your body and improves blood circulation, it carries added health benefits such as boosting immune functionality, detoxification, and reducing joint stiffness. Come and enjoy the new heat!